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On a day which was supposed to be relaxing and mellow, my partner announced that the time had come for us to clean up out the garage. Seeing the appearance of horror on my face, he quickly rephrased his statement. Acknowledging how much I do during the week, he suggested that I sit and do nothing while he attended to the chore.

Doing nothing is not something I know how to do, nevertheless it sounded far more appealing than cleaning the garage. To prevent feeling guilty, I went upstairs and tried to do nothing

Several hours later, my hubby arrived in to the bedroom having a smile on his face as well as a stack of papers in the hand. “Letters to Santa,” he announced. He dropped them on the bed and headed back towards the garage.

When I began reading the letter our kids wrote a long time ago, I couldn’t help but smile at how silly and gullible these were then and how grown up and mature they have got become. Then I had a concept — why not get everyone to create a letter to Santa this coming year? It will be fun and interesting to see how their wish lists changed because they have started up.

At dinner, I announced my idea and was pleasantly surprised when my “gang” didn’t feel that I had lost a marble or two. Afterwards, everyone disappeared into their rooms to compose their letters. Surprisingly, it took them considerably longer this time around around.

Because I read their “evolved” letters, it quickly became evident their priorities have changed however values haven’t. I found that toys were substituted for “boys” or “girls.” Getting good grades was replaced with getting a good solid degree. Health and happiness was actually a priority for all, and peace in the world was an important concern. It warmed my heart to view that my partner and I did something right, that people raised kids with good values and gold hearts.

My partner and i also had similar requests of Santa. However I, needless to say, had many more. First on my own list was immunity from acquiring any more pounds because i get older (enough is enough!). I want that awesome body I never had, the legs that turn heads, as well as the flawless skin without wrinkles. I want my 20/20 vision to stick around just a bit longer and menopause to pass through me by unnoticed. I would like to be constantly, obliviously happy. And did I mention I want to be skinny?

They were fun things to request, but if you were to read my entire list you will see that the truly important items came right at the end. I want the world to become at peace. I requested our family to become happy and healthy. I requested ckogtd parents and grandparents to become around us for several years to come. I asked so that you can enjoy my children and their children, and i also wanted to continue being deeply in love with my partner as much as the day I married him.

Following this fun exercise, we all sat down to discuss whatever we wanted and exactly how we will have it. Regardless of the we requested, we all agreed using one thing — whether you think in Santa or not is irrelevant. The key is always to believe in yourself, then write down your list and go after it. Once you have faith in yourself, the sky is definitely the limit!

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